Isuzu further strenthens its position as a leader in the diesel market as they turned over another fleet of brand new Isuzu FVR buses to Jell Transport.

Jell Transport, one of the country's leading bus and transport corporations, has been ordering Isuzu's buses since 2000. The new FVR bus that the company has procured features Isuzu's world-class 6HK1-TCN common-rail turbocharged direct injection diesel engine that is powered at 240 PS. It meets Euro-2 emission standards.

"In today's economy, it is imperative that your business is always moving forward," said Jell Transport president Elena Ong. "With our new Isuzu FVR buses, we have a powerful, dependable but economical transportation partner that will ensure the progress of our business."

As for Isuzu, the diesel authority is only too happy to once again be a responsible partner to a thriving business.