Isuzu built, Cummins powered

Isuzu and Cummins have been working together for some time now. As early as 2019, the two have been jointly building and developing cleaner diesel engines. Now, it seems they will be taking their partnership to the next level. Isuzu announced agreements for a “global mid-range diesel powertrain and an advanced engineering collaboration”. That includes Isuzu outsourcing diesel truck engines from Cummins.

"Cummins and Isuzu have been working on our partnership based on strong trust in each other. I am pleased to announce today our first step in this collaboration. We will accelerate holistic collaboration in joint research for advanced engineering capabilities and further developments in advanced diesel technologies to deliver optimum trucks and powertrains to customers all over the world," said Masanori Katayama, president, and Representative Director, Isuzu Motors Limited.

According to the agreement, Cummins will provide Isuzu its mid-range B6.7 diesel powertrains to be used in medium-size trucks to meet global customer demands. The two will then work together to integrate the engine into Isuzu's truck chassis to meet various emissions standards depending on where the vehicle is sold.

The Cummins-powered Isuzu trucks land in North America first in 2021. Japan, Southeast Asia, and other regions get the new engines after that. Engines bound for trucks in Japan will be assembled at Isuzu's factory in Tochigi, Japan. At the moment, the automaker did not mention whether Cummins-powered Isuzu trucks sold outside Japan will be built from the same facility.

With Isuzu's medium-size trucks soon to be powered by Cummins diesel engines, the next question is whether other trucks will receive the same treatment. Before the recent agreement, most, if not all, Isuzu's truck engines are built in-house.

Aside from Isuzu outsourcing truck engines from Cummins, the two companies will continue innovating and developing future diesel power sources for commercial vehicles. As part of going carbon-neutral, they have recently expanded the partnership discussions to include new power sources, including electrical powertrain technologies.