Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) continues its commitment to the public utility vehicle modernization program. This time, MetroExpress Connect Inc (MCI) was the recipient of an additional 25 brand new modern PUVs to update their fleet. The said 25 units will ply routes from Las Pinas to Daang Hari, Kawit, Cavite to PITX, Tanza, Cavite to PITX, and General Trias to Daang Hari.

“I have always believed that the Isuzu PUVs are truly a vehicle made by the Filipinos for the Filipinos and we are confident that these units will be able to provide a more durable, comfortable, and safe transport solution for the riding public”, said Hajime Koso, president of IPC.

MetroExpress Connect started as a shuttle services group with a fleet of only about 20 vehicles. Their services’ routes of which were mainly for, within, and around private subdivisions, providing quality transportation to communities and connecting them to commercial developments and city centers.

Isuzu PR image

In recent years, MCI started taking on more major projects that showed the need for an updated fleet. With Isuzu as their chosen transportation hub, MCI will be able to guarantee the same, if not better, safer, seamless, and reliable means of transportation.

IPC’s modernized PUVs are assembled using the Isuzu QKR77 platform, while the PUV body was designed and manufactured by Almazora Motors Corp. It is equipped with the Euro IV- compliant 4JH1-TC diesel engine that delivers better fuel economy and cleaner emissions than jeepneys. All these guarantee that its clients like MetroExpress Connect Inc. can provide quality and reliable transportation, connecting passengers and communities to their destinations the easy way.

It’s easy to see that with a lot of cooperation and will, the PUVMP is something we can all rally behind of. If manufacturers and companies and even PUV operators will give it a chance, there is a very feasible way to bring safer, more efficient, more convenient, and more environmentally sustainable transport system to Filipinos.