It's not a widebody truck, unfortunately

Liberty Walk is no stranger to creating some of the craziest widebody builds ever. From widebody Ferraris. Lamborghinis, and McLarens to slapping overfenders on classic Japanese cars. But it seems Wataru Kato is venturing the Liberty Walk brand outside of just cars. Soon, he'll be introducing the first-ever Liberty Walk modified truck.

Liberty Walk is building a slammed Fuso Super Great truck image

Yes, you read that right. Kato-san will be building a modified truck. It's not just any truck too; it's a Fuso Super Great. Kato-san has only revealed the truck in renders. It will officially make its public debut next year on May 12-14 at the Japan Truck Show. He didn't release a full list of modifications either, but he did show the before and after images of what the Liberty Walk Super Great will look like.

Compared to his usual builds, this truck is a bit tame. Instead of widebody and overfenders, Kato-san simply lowered the truck. It looks slammed to the ground with barely any wheel gap left. Other noticeable changes include a new grille with LIBERTY WALK spelled out, a new front lip, and body extensions to the wheel well, making the truck look a lot lower. As expected, he also added a custom livery to match that of his other builds. There's even lettering on the tires to complete the makeover.

Liberty Walk is building a slammed Fuso Super Great truck image

While the modified truck market might be a bit niche compared to supercars and sports cars, they are quite popular in Japan. Known as “dekotora” or decoration trucks, these are heavily modified large trucks based on the Isuzu Giga, Hino Profia, and the Fuso Super Great like the one here. However, Liberty Walk's example does lack the crazy lights, extended bumpers, and even pimped-out interiors.

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