It seems that even after the holidays, taxi drivers are still in the habit of taking advantage of commuters through verbal harassment and demanding exorbitant fixed fares.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has promptly responded to a complaint stemming from a video taken yesterday that immediately went viral.

It shows two female passengers suffering in the hands of a loud, offensive and arrogant taxi driver after there seems to have been a misunderstanding regarding the amount to be paid for the trip.

The taxi driver started to become aggressive after he only received Php 200 in payment for a trip that cost Php 140 based on the meter.

As the passenger waited for her change, the driver started to become aggressive indicating that he was expecting more money as part of an agreement or ‘kontrata’ before the trip started. It was then that he started shouting and was threatening to get physical with the passengers if they did not get out of the cab.

The woman can be heard complaining about getting cursed by the driver but the short video does not capture any profanity although there is no shortage of anger and threatening words from the driver.  

Upon checking their records, the LTFRB learned that the taxi with license plate number UWB-666 is operated by AFG Taxi owned by Ariel Gamboa while the driver is Roger Catipay.

Both Gamboa and Catipay appeared before Board member Atty. Ariel Inton at 9AM yesterday to explain their side and to deny that Catipay, who slurred and was incoherent on the video like he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the incident, was clean and sober during that time.

Further pursuing the matter, Inton has requested Land Transportation Office (LTO) Assistant Secretary Atty. Roberto Cabrera III to check and see if there is a need to revoke Catipay’s driver’s license.

For their part, Gamboa and Catipay have been asked by the Board to show in writing why their Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) should not be cancelled or suspended based on what was captured on the video.

Failure on the part of the respondents to submit a reply will force the Board to make a decision based on facts they have established through the course of their investigation.

The hearing for this case is set at 9AM on January 12 at the LTFRB main office in Quezon City. Both Gamboa and Catipay are requested to appear.