After standing firm on the NCY (Non-Confirmation Year) policy indicating the phase out of trucks that are 15 years and older, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) faced numerous protests from truck owners and operators demanding that the roadworthiness be given consideration due to the fact that strict implementation of the policy will result the in reduction of the entire fleet by 80% and also the high cost of acquiring brand new trucks.

On Saturday the agency made the announcement that it has changed its stance and will now take roadworthiness as the main criteria in considering the confirmation of trucks-for-hire.

“While we want to help the government find a viable solution to address port congestion, we also consider the plight of truck-for-hire operators. Hence we decided to come up with the provisions on NCY policy,” said LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez.

Based on the new provisions, 26-year old trucks will only be confirmed for its franchise for one year, trucks 21-25 years old will get two years, trucks 16-20 years old will receive three years, 11-15-year old trucks will be confirmed for four years and trucks 10 years old or less will be confirmed for five years.

The agency also made the changes so that the delivery of necessary goods using these trucks will not be delayed or disrupted.

“The board will not disrupt the regular operations of trucks-for-hire services but we need to also ensure that the units being offered for hire by operators are safe and roadworthy,” added Ginez.