After exploratory talks early this week with global positioning system (GPS) suppliers, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has decided to move forward and work on accreditation of suppliers and the rules regarding the use of GPS in public utility buses (PUB).

“The (GPS) system would also enable the board to strictly impose the speed limits on buses and thereby provide a safe travel for our commuters,” said LTFRB Chair Winston Ginez.

The LTFRB requires the GPS units to be easily and remotely configurable by GPRS (a mobile data service) and have an LED showing the actual speed of the bus during and other pertinent information.

After purchasing the GPS system from accredited suppliers, the bus operator must bring the device along with Land Transportation Office official receipt/certificate of registration of the bus (where the device will be installed) to LTFRB for registration, verification of the system and installation of an application enrolling the system with details of the bus it will be installed in.

A test will be done after installation to ensure that the system is functioning properly before the bus is allowed out on the road.