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MAN City Bus prototype performs test run in BGC


New bus can carry over 90 commuters in one trip

MAN Automotive Concessionaires Corp.(MACC), the exclusive truck and bus assemblers in the Philippines, has unveiled its latest bus prototype featuring the latest in commuter convenience and security, called the City Bus. MAN PH performed a real-world demo run in Bonifacio Global City.

For comfort and convenience, it rides on air suspension with a “kneeling' function, making ingress and egress easier for the commuters. The bus is equipped with two doors, one in front and one in the middle, with openings up to 1.35 meters wide. MAN's City Bus is also packed with a number of railings and handlebars for the standing passengers. Emergency stop buttons are located throughout the interior of the City Bus prototype.


Designed as a three row bus, it offers a large middle section which, MAN PH executives say, makes the standing area more comfortable for the passengers. Tall windows offer passengers a much bigger view outside. For PWD's, MAN has designed a wheelchair folding ramp, making their commutes less strenuous. In the optional configuration, a special space is made for those using wheelchairs, which locks it into place for added safety.

With the standard configuration, the MAN City Bus prototype has a total capacity of 95 passengers with 39 seated and 56 standing. The bus with PWD access also seats 39 while standing capacity is at 51 passengers, bringing the total to 90.

The City Bus is powered by a 6.9 liter turbodiesel engine that produces 280 PS and 1,100 Nm of torque. The engine is Euro 4 compliant and is equipped with a tamper-proof electronic speed limiter. The City Bus prototype is also one of the few buses equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, reducing driver fatigue. Commuter safety is further enhanced with Anti-lock brakes, electronic skid control and CCTV cameras inside the bus.

Members of the DOTC and general public were on hand for the bus' real-world testing. Commuters were able to witness first hand how the kneeling function works and were able to experience the wider standing room area. The test saw the prototype run the BGC bus route twice during the latter half of the morning rush.

While initial impressions were favorable, MACC says the overall design of the bus isn't final yet. The input gathered from the test run will be applied for the improvement of the City Bus. The planned improvements to the City Bus prototype aim to make commuting less tedious for the public.

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