Changing the bus doors is the easiest solution then

One of the biggest issues of the new EDSA inner-lane bus lane and bus stops were the buses. Specifically, buses plying the route had doors that were still on the right side, meaning passengers exited directly onto traffic – not safe in any way even if there was a divider to protect them. In order to address the issue, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said last July that they wanted to move the doors of EDSA buses to the left.

Though easier said than done, it seems the MMDA got what they wanted.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has announced that some of the buses plying the EDSA busway now had doors on the left and right side. Specifically, three bus units from HM Transport Inc. were launched last August 19, when Metro Manila reverted to General Community Quarantine (GCQ) and public transport resumed operations. Seven more units with the same configuration will be dispatched within September. According to the DOTr, RRCG will likewise be adding left-entry buses as well this week.

“These bus units will better accommodate commuters who will now be using the new loading and unloading bus stops located in the innermost lane of EDSA. Aside from the installation of canopies and lighting fences, we have also placed concrete barriers and steel separators on EDSA’s median lanes to ensure utmost safety and comfort,” said Steve Pastor, DOTr Assistant Secretary for Road Transport and Infrastructure.

As more buses with doors on the left rollout in the coming weeks and months, commuters that frequently use the EDSA busway will now be safer with entry and exit points located on the side of the bus stop. At the same time, retaining doors on the right will allow buses to continue operations once they passed the EDSA busway. Considering how fast the doors on the left were adapted onto the EDSA buses, we hope that some engineering was put into it. You can’t just simply cut up one side of a bus chassis, put an extra door, and call it a day.