The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) clearly wants to turn around and polish its image by ensuring that no corruption occurs among its ranks.

A strict ‘one-strike’ policy has been implemented by the MMDA to protect the public from abusive employees and prevent it from breeding within the agency.

Employees, whether permanent, casual, or on job order status, suspected or accused of any illegal activity will be put under preventive suspension immediately.

“Even a simple insinuation or word that our employees are engaged in any corrupt practices shall be investigated immediately. And if proven guilty, then we will file the necessary administrative charges and apply the appropriate sanction after due process,” said MMDA General Manager Thomas Orbos.

The memo issued by the MMDA instructs all departments involved in the investigation of corrupt activities to resolve the cases as quickly as possible.

All agency field personnel, including tow truck personnel, are also instructed to wear their identification cards at all times.

“They also represent MMDA in the public. As such, we will never tolerate any acts of abuse from all the accredited tow truck companies and their personnel. Any accusation of wrongdoing shall be dealt with in accordance to the rules and regulations of MMDA, as if they are also our employee,” added Orbos.

Reports and complaints versus MMDA employees and other traffic issues may be sent to the agency via the I Will Act online portal of the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (I-ACT) on the MMDA’s official website.