A few days ago, the Department of Transport (DOTr) released images of the new inner-lane bus stations located along EDSA. These were created in order to give passengers a place to board and exit buses as they now ply the leftmost lanes of EDSA. However, we did notice an issue as the bus doors were still on the right side. This means passengers would exit directly onto traffic – not the safest way of doing so.

In order to address the issue, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said they are eyeing to move the passenger doors of buses traveling EDSA to the left side. Moving the doors to the left side would make it easier and not to mention safer for passengers to enter and exit buses at the new inner-late bus stations.

“Ang long term plan, we will require lahat ng buses, imove sakayan at babaan sa kaliwa na rin. Isang pasukan isang babaan para mabilis hindi magtatagal,” said MMDA chairman Danilo Lim in a press briefing.

[The long term plan is to require all buses to move their entry and exit points to the left in order to make travel faster].

While moving the bus doors seems like the best way of addressing the issue, it is much easier said than done. Bus manufacturers would have to redesign and re-engineer buses to have doors open on the left. At the same time, these buses would be limited to plying only EDSA routes. Do remember, the commuting public still waits for rides on the right side of the road elsewhere in Metro Manila.