As more and more businesses rely on heavy haulers to move their products and/or services, drivers, as well as fleet managers, are faced with the task of delivering on time while also being efficient.

With those goals in mind, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) is giving a helping hand to their fleet customers with the monthly Isuzu Eco Drive Training. This new training regiment aims to support the profitability of business fleet owners, as well as teach drivers the proper way of driving efficiently.

According to IPC, the training sessions were adapted from Wacom Hokkaido Co. Ltd's driver education program on economy and safety driving programs which have been well received by various companies since June 2018.

Isuzu Eco Driving

During training sessions, participants engage in discussions and lectures wherein they are taught about economical and efficient driving. Afterwards, they undergo actual driving exercises using Isuzu's line of light-duty vehicles. All of these vehicles are equipped with advanced information systems provided by Mimamori Online Service.

Using the latest in GPS technology and real-time data collecting, the information gathered from driving exercises are shared with the Mimamori Center where it is analyzed for real-time vehicle management. Thanks to the gathered data, fleet owners can check in real-time whether their drivers are using too much fuel or checking the status of each truck's operations. Also, voice guidance and audible alarms advise the driver on fuel-use reduction and safe driving while the vehicle is in motion.

With these training sessions, IPC is hopeful that the Isuzu Eco Drive Training will enable business owners and fleet managers to maximize the strengths, operating costs and technologies of each Isuzu truck. In addition, these practies can help business owners project medium- and long-term profits and losses more accurately.