Long have motorists complained about the demeanor of Public Utility Buses (PUBs) that traverse the length of EDSA. More often than not, they cause bottleneck traffic in areas where passengers are abound, and during the passenger loading and unloading process.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) seems to have finally gotten wind of the situation and is planning to take a closer look at what they can do to fix the problem.

Bus inspectors from the LTFRB will be stationed in key areas along EDSA in order to monitor the movement of PUBs in hope of helping them move along and ease overall traffic along the way.

According to LTFRB board member Atty. Ariel Inton, the initial areas where inspectors will be posted are Kamuning and Cubao in Quezon City.

The Board has also been coordinating with the local government units of areas concerned in order to come up with more ways to instill discipline among PUB drivers and prevent them from loading/unloading wherever they please and hopefully also stop them from the habit of overtaking each other at bus stops and ending up sideways on EDSA, eating up two lanes and causing traffic.

Last year, the LTFRB processed 1,180 complaints against PUBs prompting the agency to clamp down on erring operators and drivers.