Pasig City has just found a new way to help its residents connect to the internet, no matter where they are. In partnership with Globe, the City of Pasig recently launched a WiFi on wheels program.

Called KonekTayo WiFi, the new mobile WiFi service is now available at the City Hall, Plaza Rizal, Plaza Bonifacio, and public hospitals. In the future, more locations will come with mobile WiFi service.

Pasig City now has WiFi service on wheels image

According to Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto, the WiFi service was to address the weak internet/mobile data signal that certain parts of the city have been experiencing. In addition, Sotto said that for the longest time, Globe wasn't able to do business in Pasig City due to the difficult process (i.e. red tape) of getting permits from the LGU.

But things are changing for the better as Sotto said that they are hard at work to become more business-friendly by streamlining the process. The mobile WiFi service will ensure that a strong wireless signal will be available for all residents of Pasig City.

Pasig City now has WiFi service on wheels image

This is not the first time a city has adopted a WiFi on wheels program. Back in October, the City of Manila also partnered with Globe for the KonekTayo School Bus WiFi service. Much like the ones in Pasig City, the buses have been retrofitted as a mobile WiFi hotspot that aims to deliver a faster and more stable internet connection to parts of the city that have a weak internet signal.

With schools and other businesses having to rely on internet connection more than ever during these uncertain times, having a mobile WiFi service will surely help boost internet connection for everyone. Here's to hoping more cities adopt this type of service.