Executive Order signed by PBBM, no more pass-through fees for vans, trucks carrying goods

Businesses in the field of transporting goods spend a huge sum of money to satisfy every local government unit’s (LGU) pass-through or sticker fee along their route. To put it simply, these “pass-through” fees include payment for permits or stickers that signify that a certain merchant’s van or truck can pass through the city or municipality without being apprehended by the LGU’s traffic enforcers.

PBBM signs order prohibiting the collection of pass-through fees image

To put an end to this, since these unauthorized imposition of pass-through fees significantly impact the transportation and logistics costs which are then passed on to consumers, President Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos, Jr., has signed Executive Order (EO) 41, effective immediately upon publication in the Official Gazette. The full text of EO 41 can be viewed here.

According to EO 41, “All LGUs are prohibited from collecting toll fees and charges upon all motor vehicles transporting goods or merchandise, while passing through any national roads and such other roads not constructed or funded by the LGU.”

PBBM signs order prohibiting the collection of pass-through fees image

Additionally, EO 41 “strongly urges” LGUs to discontinue the collection of such fees including, but not limited to, sticker fees, discharging fees, delivery fees, market fees, toll fees, entry fees, Mayor’s fees, and the like.

EO 41 also imposes administrative penalties and disciplinary actions against erring public officials and employees who defy the Executive Order.