It’s not easy maintaining a commercial vehicle. Unlike private vehicles, commercial vehicle owners often think of the aftersales that dealerships offer for trucks, buses, and more. If you happen to own a Hyundai commercial vehicle in the Philippines, then aftersales is the least of your worries.

Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI), the official distributors of Hyundai Commercial Vehicles locally, has just been awarded by Hyundai Motor Company in South Korea as the “Best in Aftersales Operations 2020”, besting over 50 distributors of Hyundai Trucks and Buses worldwide.

This isn’t the first time HARI has bagged the award. In fact, this is the third straight year HARI was given the award. The recognition was based on several criteria, covering service operations, warranty, quality information rating, network coverage, quality of technicians, and parts.

Along with the Best in Aftersales Operations, HARI CV also bagged the “Hyundai Customer Index Top Score 2020” with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91 out of 100 or 44% higher than the worldwide network average. According to Hyundai, NPS measures customer experience and future business growth. A high NPS indicates that customers will prefer buying Hyundai CV products and recommend these to others.

Philippines has best aftersales services for Hyundai commercial vehicles image

“We are truly honored to receive these awards, especially during these trying times, since they highlight HARI’s promise to meet and exceed customer expectations. More importantly, it confirms that Filipino customer service, ingenuity, and malasakit are a cut above the rest. This is a win we should all be proud of,” said HARI president and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo.

Given the numerous aftersales programs HARI CV has, it’s no surprise they managed to claim the best aftersales operations award even in 2020. Currently, the company has the Call for Service Inspection (CSI) which has service personnel visiting CV customers to inspect and maintain their Hyundai Trucks and Buses.

Looking for a Hyundai commercial vehicle? You may visit one of HARI’s 14 dedicated CV dealerships across the country.