Isuzu Philippine Corporation (IPC) also took the opportunity to unveil their latest flagship commercial vehicle at the 2018 Philippine International Motor Show – the Isuzu EXZ QL.  IPC calls the new EXZ QL their ‘latest pride’ because of its new features, such as a more efficient engine and improved driver comfort. 

The EXZ QL is powered by the Isuzu 6WG1-TCG52 engine which produces 420 PS and 2,060 Nm torque, making it more than capable even with full load. Paired with a ZF16 speed multistage transmission, the Isuzu EXZ QL promises to be more fuel efficient, as well.

PIMS 2018: Isuzu launches safer, more fuel efficient EXZ QL

For further efficiency, Isuzu has fitted an aerodynamic wind deflector and an air wing, all to further improve the truck’s fuel economy. Inside, the cabin offers a more comfortable driving experience thanks to the EXZ QL’s ergonomically designed air suspension seats and air-conditioned double-deck sleeper cab with a large storage compartment.  

Along with a more comfortable driving, safety has also been improved. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) is standard on the EXZ QL, coupled with wide multi-sectional side view mirrors, wheel parking and trailer brakes.

PIMS 2018: Isuzu launches safer, more fuel efficient EXZ QL

Maintenance is made easier with an 'Easy Access Panel' to allow quick work on the truck, reducing downtime. To improve it’s handling it comes with Taper Leaf Spring for ‘heavy duty handling’, differential lock and 315/80/R22 16PR radial tires.

The new EXZ QL is produced in Chongqing, China via Isuzu's joint-venture partner Qingling Motors since 1985. Thanks to the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA), it allows IPC to offer a more cost-effective logistics solution backed by their world-renowned diesel expertise and reliability.