Scania AXL presents the future of trucking

These days, automakers are racing to be the first to make fully autonomous cars. In the world of trucking however, there seems to be not much noise about it. That is, until Scania made a big announcement.

The Swedish truck manufacturer has unveiled the AXL, a fully autonomous truck that doesn't need a driver. Scania is making that point clear by not putting a cab in it at all. That means it's free to go about its business (pre-progammed, of course) without any intervention from a driver.

“With the Scania AXL concept truck, we are taking a significant step towards the smart transport systems of the future, where self-driving vehicles will play a natural part. We continue to build and pilot concepts to demonstrate what we can do with the technology that is available today,” said Scania’s President and CEO Henrik Henriksson.

So how did Scania do it? That's thanks in part to Volkswagen as they own Scania. In recent years, Volkswagen has made strides in autonomous tech development, and has made semi-autonomous driving systems available in various models. In fact, Scania trucks also have this tech in some of their models.

Scania notes that this self-driving concept is best suited for controlled environments. That means these trucks won't be leaving the job site just yet. The truck maker adds that the AXL concept will be well suited for places such as mines and large closed construction sites.

So while it's still a concept, it will be interesting to see if Scania will be able to make it a reality in the next decade.