Isuzu reveals the EVision Cycle Concept that can replace batteries on EV trucks

If there's one thing about electric vehicles (EVs) that most customers are not a fan of, it's recharging them. Should you happen to fully drain the battery, it will take quite some time before the battery is sufficiently charged. That's not a problem for cars powered by internal combustion engines (ICEs) since you only need to visit a filling station and top up the tank in just a few minutes.

For logistic companies that need to move heavy cargo over long distances in a limited time, having to recharge their electric truck is unacceptable. Fortunately, Isuzu Motors Limited (IML) has thought of a solution for this exact problem.

This concept by Isuzu can swap-out EV batteries in only 2 minutes image

Aside from revealing the Giga Fuel Cell, Erga EV, and the Elf Mio at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Isuzu also showcased the “EVision Cycle Concept” battery-swapping solution that does away with the time-consuming recharging of EVs. Made possible utilizing technological know-how acquired through participation in a commissioned project by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment for battery-swappable EV trucks, the EVision Cycle Concept allows for continuous use of electric trucks without having to stop in order to recharge.

Instead of experiencing downtime while recharging an EV truck, the concept can easily swap out depleted batteries for fully charged ones. In fact, a demonstration was presented to showgoers at Tokyo Big Sight and it only took the machine to swap a fully-drained battery for a fully-charged one in as little as two minutes.

This concept by Isuzu can swap-out EV batteries in only 2 minutes image

Besides avoiding unnecessary wait times, Isuzu also believes the EVision Cycle Concept would make it possible to reduce both costs and the load on the electric power grid. That's because they can recharge depleted batteries during off-peak periods when electricity rates are lower or when the power load at business sites is low.

For now, the machine remains a concept but given that Isuzu plans to be a carbon-neutral automaker in the years to come, perhaps the EVision Cycle Concept will become a reality once the company rolls out more EVs in the not-so-distant future.