It wasn't just cars that caught the attention of the crowds at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. The truck segment also came out in full force with Isuzu unveiling with what could probably be one of the most dramatic looking concepts at the show.

Isuzu dubs it the FL IR, short for Future Logistics Intelligent Relay. The company believes that their concept truck can help the the future of trucking with all the tech it has to offer.


The FL IR has autonomous driving technologies, which is what many concepts claim to have these days. The difference is this truck has what  Isuzu calls the ability to 'platoon'. What it does is link a fleet of FL IRs together in a convoy, allowing for safer, more efficient ways to transport goods in much greater bulk. The autonomous driving tech reduces driver fatigue while 'platooning' reduces the risk of convoys being broken up in transit.

On to the truck itself and it is undeniably futuristic. Its design is streamlined (for a truck) and is said to have taken inspiration from marine life. There's also the slim LED headlights which wouldn't look out of place in a car. But the most striking thing about it has to be that huge Isuzu 'grill'. It looks like a much larger version of the ones you find in the D-Max and Mu-X.

Isuzu Concept Truck image

Isuzu hasn't mentioned anything about powertrain details for the FL IR. It's likely that it is using a diesel-hybrid mill, which Isuzu Japan already has in some of its haulers. But while it isn't likely that we'll see an exact version of the FL IR on the roads any time soon, future models can draw some cues from it. It's also possible that the tech on this concept truck will make its way to production models within the next decade.