Concept vehicles are a dime-a-dozen at the ongoing 45th Tokyo Motor Show. Most often these concept vehicles are aimmed towards the passenger segment, giving a preview of what the future of transportation could be like. Isuzu however has revealed the FD-SI. Though it may easily be confused as a large people carrier, the FD-SI is in fact Isuzu's vision of a commercial vehicle.

If one were to describe the FD-SI, it would have to be very rectangular. Isuzu says it is designed to be a future light delivery vehicle similar to the box trucks used now-a-days, which probably explains its shape. Apart from its unique shape giving it better cargo space, the truck is also intended to improve driver comfort and convinience.

Specifically Isuzu wants to 'support the drivers, the-front-line people of “Transport”, with unconventional ideas.' This is why the driver is positioned at the center of the cab with large windows providing greater forward visibility. Cameras are then mounted at the rear to provide the driver a view of the truck's behind.

Cargo is then likely sorted inside the honeycomb structure found behind the cab area, which also acts as a support to the truck's body. Isuzu did not disclose what powers the FD-SI, but given its futuristic styling it could possibly be electric or use have a fuel cell system.