ACTONA transport group reveals its idea of a modern jeepney, costs only PHP 1.3M

Today marks the first day of the week-long transport strike that was announced by several transportation groups in defiance of the LTFRB's deadline to shift to more modern jeepneys. As a result, the MMDA and LGUs in Metro Manila deployed their own public utility vehicles (PUVs) to help stranded commuters get to their destinations.

Transport group shows proposed idea of a modern jeepney image

However, not all transport groups joined the week-long strike. One of those groups is Association Committed Transport Organization Nationwide Cooperation (ACTONA). Instead of joining the said strike, ACTONA showed its own version of a modern PUV with the face of a traditional jeepney.

Presented before the LTFRB, the proposed modern jeepney by ACTONA has the looks of a traditional jeepney but has the space and practicality of a mini-bus. It has side-facing seats, safety handles for standing passengers, as well as a side entrance for safer ingress/egress by the riding public.

Transport group shows proposed idea of a modern jeepney image

But what is perhaps its most important feature is its cost. Unlike typical modern PUVs which typically cost around PHP 2.6 million, ACTONA claims their proposed jeepney only costs PHP 1.3 million. Since it only costs half as much, it's more affordable compared to the current modern PUV that cooperatives can buy. The high cost of the modern PUV is actually one of the chief complaints by both drivers and operators of traditional jeepneys.

Transport group shows proposed idea of a modern jeepney image

With several PUV drivers and cooperatives stating that the current price of modern PUVs is still high, perhaps ACTONA's proposal may prove to be the cheaper alternative while still following the modern PUV standards.

Do you think ACTONA's modern PUV is better and more affordable compared to what the government currently requires? Let us know what you think in the comments.