DOTr sets the speed limit for RA 10916

Earlier this week, the DOTr announced the additional vehicles that will be covered by the Road Speed Limiter Act of 2016 (RA 10916). This time around, they have also announced the maximum speeds at which these vehicle can travel.

As stated in the IRR (Implementing Rules and Regulations), the maximum allowable speeds for PUVs and haulers is set at 80 km/h. This means that the limiter should be calibrated not to go beyond the mentioned speed. The 80 km/h limit is for national roads, namely expressways such as NLEX, SLEX, SCTEx, TPLEx and so on.

The DOTr's set speed limit on national roads is also the same as the one found in Senate Bill 2999, which was filed by JV Ejercito. Aside from the speed limiter setting for highways, that Bill also stated that buses, both city and provincial, must have their limiters set to 60 km/h when plying along EDSA. That Bill did not cover the other vehicles mentioned by the DOTr. At the time of writing, the DOTr has yet to state the speed cap for the trucks and PUVs covered in RA 10916 when the said vehicles are traveling in cities and heavily congested areas.

Also under consideration is the inclusion of jeepneys and taxicabs under the speed limit law. Section 3 (b) of the RA10916 stated that the DOTr will review the necessity to include taxicabs and jeepneys a year after the act is fully enforced. If approved, the said government agency will be setting a deadline for owners and operators of taxicabs and jeepneys to fit the speed limiter.

Just to recap, the vehicles covered by RA 10916 are city and provincial buses, mini buses, cargo trucks, tanker trucks, delivery vans, shuttle services, tourist transport services, school buses and Filcabs. Under this law, a 'no limiter, no registration' rule applies and heavy fines will be imposed to those who do not follow.