Nagtahan Flyover is in dire need of repairs

Nagtahan Flyover is one of the most common routes trucks pass through going to Manila and beyond. If you drive there often, you might notice a wall of trucks on the right lane during peak hours, which causes a buildup of traffic in the area. Subsequently, you’ll also notice the flyover itself in need of repairs due to its aging condition. Thankfully, measures will soon be in place to prevent further damage to the flyover.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced that starting February 20, Nagtahan Flyover will remain open to light vehicles only per the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) recommendation to reduce its load limit. With that, trucks and trailers will be prohibited from passing through the flyover and will have to take alternative routes.

Trucks, trailers not allowed to pass Nagtahan Flyover from Feb. 20 image

According to the DPWH, there are several cracks on the wing wall, the concrete pedestal of the steel railings, and circular joint jackets of Nagtahan Flyover. To prevent additional damage and even any untoward incidents, trucks, trailers, and other heavy equipment will not be allowed to use the flyover until repair works are completed. No announcement has been made when repair works on Nagtahan Flyover will begin. However, the MMDA did say it is part of the DPWH’s list of Metro Manila bridges due for repair.

For affected truckers, the MMDA has released several alternative routes they may take. Southbound heavy vehicles may take Earnshaw Street, Legarda Street, Ayala Street, P. Burgos Street to Roxas Boulevard. Meanwhile, northbound heavy vehicles may take Quirino Avenue to Roxas Boulevard; Quirino Avenue Extension to United Nations Avenue to Roxas Boulevard.

As for private motorists, they may still use the flyover as the MMDA has allowed light vehicles to cross the overpass.