Filipinos have once again caught the attention and admiration of the global community for extraordinary triumphs and impressive feats even amidst difficult and tragic times. These exemplary Filipinos are hailed as modern-day heroes here and abroad for bravely and graciously standing up for their nation and answering the call to make a positive difference in the lives of others, not just fellow Filipinos, wherever they maybe.

Flashback to three years ago, Universal Motors Corporation, motivated by a burning desire to help, was already doing its fair share of heroic deeds and laying the foundation for a community that thrives on enriching the lives of other people. Immersed in the cutthroat world of business, this wholly Filipino owned company never lost sight of its mission to sell its products and gain substantial market share and at the same time, positively impact the lives of Filipinos en route to their business goals. Thus, the "Ur Van, Ur Business" (UVUB) Program was born.

A pioneering business program in the automotive industry, UVUB primarily promotes entrepreneurship as a tool for improving the quality of lives of Filipinos. It targets individuals who are actively seeking for viable means to supplement their income for a better way of living for them and their families. The program has since evolved from its inception in 2006 and has effectively adapted to the changing market needs and trends. "Ipadala Mo Negosyo", UVUB's phase 2 targeting Overseas Filipino Workers, supported the plight of OFWs in helping their families here in the Philippines make the most of their remittances. Phase 3 delved more deeply into educating the Urvanites --- a term coined to refer to owners of the Nissan Urvan. Here, Asenso Negosyo Academy or ANA was established where periodic seminars were conducted to impart necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the continuance and success of Nissan Urvan businesses. Just recently the "Be Mobile" campaign was launched, opening the possibilities of expanding the reach of structured businesses by going mobile.

More than encouraging Filipinos to take the entrepreneurial road for their own benefit, UVUB advocates entrepreneurship as a way of helping others and giving back to society in the collective efforts of nation building. By supporting the UVUB program, Urvanites are given the opportunity to empower other members in their community by giving them jobs and inspiring them to reach for their own dreams by becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

UVUB also gives seed money assistance and entrepreneurial management training to microentrepreneurs through its partnership with the non-profit organization Center for Community Transformation. To date, over 3,000 families have been helped and more than 4,400 individual jobs have been created from the initiatives of UVUB.

In celebration of UVUB's 3rd year anniversary, UMC offers its heartfelt gratitude to its partners and supporters - the Nissan Urvan buyers, the nationwide Nissan dealer network, and the media, among others, fellow believers who have been unwavering in their faith and support to the program over the years. Embracing the slogan PEOPLE MOVER, NATION BUILDER, UMC aims to widely propagate the concept of actively contributing to the betterment of the lives of as many Filipinos as possible for a more developed and productive Philippines. With the way things are going, UMC shows an unstoppable drive to continue with its noble mission of constructively changing the lives of Filipinos, one van, one business at a time. There can't be a better way to define modern day heroism than the UVUB way.