No trucks and personnel out of line, or off the grid with new V3 system

Mobility, particularly in the trucking and logistics industries has become difficult in the past months. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, strict trucking protocols have been put in place countrywide. At this point, proper tracking and management of a company’s truck fleet have become more important than ever.

Just last month, V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd, a leading tech solutions company based in Singapore, was launched in the Philippines. V3 is a technology solutions provider offering business tools to digitize the tracking and management of existing vehicular fleet and labor workforce.

“This is an opportunity for us to show how we can help businesses grow and flourish, even during uncertain times. We aim to make their logistical operations easier”, said V3 Managing Director, Martin Borbe.

V3 is based on two core systems, namely their: Fleet Management System (FMS), and Workforce Assignment and Mobility System (WAM). FMS is an all-around platform to track and monitor vehicle location, routes, and safety stats. This alongside WAM - a digitized system to track, schedule, and dispatch workforce employees and to retrieve automated reports in real-time – work hand-in-hand to improve overall logistics and better, controlled movement of deployed vehicles and personnel.

V3 emphasizes the importance and value of digitalization especially as industries worldwide adapt to the “new normal”. With the V3 systems, they aim to equip companies with security over their assets through precise and real-time monitoring, and these allow companies to quickly make effective business decisions with accurate information. After all, staying agile and being able to quickly adapt new business models and solutions will be key to maintaining any company’s stability in a business landscape that is in a constant state of change.

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