Aside from passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles have also began embracing the shift to electrification. Volvo recently announced that their new articulated electric buses have begun testing in Gothenburg, Sweden. Compared to the brand's standard 7900 Electric busses, the new buses measures 18.7 meters long, 6.7 meters longer, and can carry up to 135 passengers, 38 of whom will be seated.

Design wise, it features four double doors, which allows for faster exit and entry of passengers on the bus. There are also 'large unobstructed floor surfaces' and ergonomic bars and grab handles for standing passengers. Free-wifi and charging points for mobile phones can be found inside the bus as well.

To make space for more passengers, Volvo chose not to fit large battery packs onto the bus. Instead, they have installed OppCharge fast charging systems in two select bus stops. This system is capable of charging up to 450 kW and can also be used by electric buses from other manufacturers.

For now, Volvo only has two prototypes of the articulated ElectriCity buses which are undergoing testing. However, the Swedish manufacturer says production of these longer articulated buses will begin in the near future. During the testing period, the prototype buses will operate different routes in Gothenburg to supplement the other electric buses which already roam the city. It will also be used to test technology found on the bus such as the battery, which will recharge during times of less foot traffic.

There is no word yet as to whether the new electric articulated bus will also be introduced in other countries. They did announce that general operations of the electric articulated bus are expected to begin in June. The buses are expected to reduce noise and lower emissions in the areas which they will traverse.