Will an honesty system work in the country?

The Green Frog Hybrid Bus Company recently tried out an honesty system wherein those who ride their buses will simply pay for the fare on their own via tap cards or by handing over the exact amount. They started the honesty system last March 11 but, yesterday, they have announced that they have stopped the scheme.

So why did Green Frog pull the plug on the program after a week and a half? That's because, according to them, there were those who boarded their buses and got a free ride, even though it wasn't free in the first place. They added that more than 30 percent who commuted during the honesty system skipped their fares. Green Frog did not say how much they lost during that time. Below is what they had to say:

'End of Honesty System. We are disappointed to see that the honesty system did not work. Over 30% of the passengers did not pay their fare. We are returning to the conductor fare collection system again'. Netizens also expressed their reactions over the fare jumpers, along with disappointment and pessimism.

So to answer the question, “will an honesty system work in this country?”, perhaps not now. Then again, a coffee shop in Batanes has been doing it for years and they're still around.