Nissan Almera: The practical advantage

What is the meaning of “practical”?

Typically, it's about something that works well for your purposes. That may sound like a subjective thing, and in many ways it is. But there are ways to quantify it: numbers.

Simply put, numbers don't exaggerate. That's why they are a perfect gauge to see how something is advantageous over its rivals. Like the Almera.

Launched by Nissan last year, the Almera is a sedan that could very well be the most practical for your needs. But let's let the numbers do the talking.

By the Numbers: Why Nissan's Almera is the practical sedan for you image


We should always start with 1. Actually, it's 1.0; that represents the displacement of the Almera's engine. It's the heart of the car.

1.0L may seem small, but Nissan packed a lot of technology into the Almera's engine to get it to perform better versus larger 1.4L or 1.5L engines.. Thanks to turbo technology that is unique to the Almera in the class, Nissan's engineers gave the engine quite a bit of punch. This sedan has 100 horsepower, but with 152 Newton meters of torque in the CVT and up to 160 Newton meters in the manual transmission variant.

That torque figure is class-leading by a big margin, even against larger gasoline engines. Simply put, the Almera has the heart of a pound-for-pound champ, and is more than eager to get you going. This engine has more to offer than just torque; we'll cycle back to it later.


By the Numbers: Why Nissan's Almera is the practical sedan for you image


Wondering why we jumped all the way to 360? Well, that's the number of degrees that the Almera lets you see when you're maneuvering into tight parking spots.

Yes, Nissan's famous Intelligent Around View Monitor on the Navara, Terra, and even the Patrol is standard in the All-New Almera. That means you can park with absolute confidence and the precision of a pro, removing the need for someone to spot for you to make sure you get it right.

By the Numbers: Why Nissan's Almera is the practical sedan for you image

But the 360-degree camera system is just one feature of a greater safety system called Nissan Intelligent Mobility. The Almera gets Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning, Hill Start Assist, and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. Together with other safety features like the Anti-lock Braking System, Vehicle Dynamic Control, and up to 6 airbags (VL), you can rest and drive assured if you're in the Almera.


By the Numbers: Why Nissan's Almera is the practical sedan for you image


23.3 may seem like a rather specific number, but it brings us back to the powertrain.

The primary reason that Nissan opted for the smaller 1.0L engine was to get outstanding fuel efficiency, and that's what the number is. 23.3 represents the average fuel economy in kilometers per liter achieved in the Nissan Almera in highway conditions.

The smaller engine, the turbo system, the torque, the CVT, the idling start/stop system, and the fact that the Almera has one less cylinder than many of its rivals gives it the advantage of outright efficiency. And it can do that while delivering a fun driving experience.


By the Numbers: Why Nissan's Almera is the practical sedan for you image

#474 + #60:40

It seems weird to group two together, but these digits are key to express something the Almera has loads of: versatility and space.

The 474 refers to the liters of cargo space you have in the trunk. That's quite big for such a small sedan, and it allows you to fit two golf sets in there without a problem and with space to spare. The opening is also wider than before so getting stuff in thereafter, say, picking up relatives at an airport won't be a problem.

The 60:40 of course refers to another very uncommon feature in all Almera variants: a split folding rear seat. That means you can fit much longer items in your Almera, like if you got a really big smart LED TV at the last sale. There won't be a need to pay for extra delivery fees if you can fit it in there.


By the Numbers: Why Nissan's Almera is the practical sedan for you image

#38 + #5 + #2

Now we go to three numbers, and these represent the worry-free ownership experience you can expect with the Nissan Almera.

Right now, they're offering the Almera at a very low PHP 38,000 downpayment plan, which is very attractive for such an advanced and feature-packed car.

The 5 refers to the warranty of the Almera, as Nissan is now expanding their warranty for the VL and VE variants to 5 years or 150,000 kilometers. The EL variants will have the industry-standard -but still long- 3-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty.

But perhaps the best part of the All-New Almera is the reduced downtime. Nissan is only asking customers to bring in their Almera for servicing twice a year, which means less time maintaining, and more time driving and enjoying your travels.


By the Numbers: Why Nissan's Almera is the practical sedan for you image

Going by the numbers is a fantastic way to gauge how a vehicle is, but seeing -and experiencing- is still believing. Go and test drive to experience the smart technology and turbo engine power of the Nissan Almera. Just be sure to find a nice road where you can stretch the legs of that turbo.

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