It hasn't even been revealed yet, and it's already generating buzz among the off-road enthusiast circles. It's the next-generation Defender, and Land Rover has given the world a sort of sneak peek. So, what can we expect?

Given that the Defender made its name during off-road excursions (as well as defending the British armed forces), Land Rover is promising a lot for the all-new SUV. For starters, they claim that it will be as capable as Land Rovers of the past, saying that they have brought test mules to the extremes. The all-new Defender was brought to -40 degree Celsius climate, as well as punishing 49 degree Celsuis heat. Aside from that, the all-new Defender also climbed places as high as 40 kilometers above sea level.

2020 Land Rover Defender wears camouflage for now image

Another thing Land Rover has said is that it will retain its boxy, upright design, albeit with a few tweaks to bring it up to date. The camouflage covers a lot of the SUV but we see a significantly more raked windshield. Also, the position of the headlights are of interest as it's set higher than the old model. Does this mean it will get the new Land Rover/Range Rover face? Then again, it could be there to throw off sleuths from finding out its real design. 

2020 Land Rover Defender wears camouflage for now image

It does, however, retain the tailgate-mounted spare tire, indicating that they will likely retain the classic side-hinged opening rather than the more conventional swing-up design. Land Rover also kept the wheels close to the SUV's corners, likely to give the Defender good approach and departure angles; essential design considerations for off-roading. As a treat to classic Defender 90 fans, there will even be three-door versions of the 4x4, if past spy shots are to be believed.

So, when will it be revealed? Land Rover has not set a definite date just yet. What they did say is that it will make its debut this year. Given that they have begun a more intensive teaser campaign, it is likely that it will be launched by the first half of 2019.