Yesterday, the 2020 Toyota Fortuner officially made its world debut and people were quick to notice something peculiar about its looks. Sure, it gets a sleeker and bolder redesign, but strangely it somewhat resembles a certain crossover from Geely.

Thanks to the redesigned LED headlights, two-tone paint job, and sporty-looking front bumper, the 2020 Fortuner looks like a bigger and bulkier Geely Coolray. This has resulted in several netizens pointing out that the top-of-the-line Fortuner (called the Legender) resembling the smaller crossover from China. Looking at both vehicles side-by-side, and it's clear that the two vehicles look alike.

From the dual-port style front grille, foglight bezels, LED headlights, and blacked-out trim pieces, we weren't surprised that many noticed the uncanny resemblance. It also doesn't help that both the Fortuner and Coolray are available with a black roof. In fact, some netizens joked that the new Fortuner was a bigger Geely.

But does this mean the resemblance between the Fortuner and Coolray is a curious case of 'who copied who'? We'll go out on a limb and say that this was just all a coincidence. The current Fortuner has been in the country since 2016 and the refreshed model just came out in Thailand today. The Coolray, meanwhile, was first launched in China (as the Bin Yue) in late 2018. It then officially arrived in the country in September 2019.

Besides, when looking at the entry-level model of the 2020 Fortuner, it still somewhat resembles the pre-facelift version as it does not come with the aero kit, and has a different front grille design from the Legender.

Still, we would personally like to see the 2020 Fortuner Legender sitting beside a Coolray and see just how the two look separated at conception.