Yesterday, we got you the prices of the 2021 Toyota Hilux. Today, we've got more in store for you.

We found out all of the upgrades, changes, and updates in the Philippine-spec Hilux pick-up. And we have good news about the engine too.

Here are all the upgrades for PH-spec 2021 Toyota Hilux image

So, what are the upgrades? There's the new infotainment system which has a whole lot more features than before. The 2021 Hilux no longer uses the outsourced head unit. Instead, the pick-up uses a wider eight-inch screen. It also has more features as it now comes standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and even a hands-free function. The upgraded touchscreen auto system is standard in the Conquest, 4x2 G, and 4x2 E.

Here are all the upgrades for PH-spec 2021 Toyota Hilux image

Another significant upgrade is the vehicle's multi-information display and instrument cluster. Now, there are higher-resolution graphics to enhance the look of the screens. It also shows the steering angle of the truck, as well as the proximity of the vehicle around obstacles. The Conquest even comes with a bit more flair in the cluster, with a chrome bezel around the dials and blue graphics.

Here are all the upgrades for PH-spec 2021 Toyota Hilux image

The local-spec Hilux also gets several new active safety features. A reverse camera is now standard on most models, and downhill assist control is fitted as well. The 2021 Hilux also comes with something called Tailgate Assist. That helps the tailgate open more gently and close with less force. Also, the Hilux E comes with more safety equipment. It now comes standard with traction and stability control, hill-start assist, and even trailer sway control.

Now, for the fun part, the engine. As it turns out, Toyota Philippines will be giving us the maximum power from the recently upgraded 2.8-liter engine. From 177 PS and 450 Nm, all Conquest 4x4 models will have 204 PS and 500 Nm of torque. According to Toyota, the power upgrades did not affect fuel economy negatively, claiming that there is a 4% improvement in consumption. Power is still the same in the 2.4-liter versions, but there are tweaks to enhance fuel economy.

Here are all the upgrades for PH-spec 2021 Toyota Hilux image

While prices for the 2021 Hilux have gone up, for the most part, Toyota Motor Philippines added a lot more kit in the process. There's the comprehensive touchscreen, the edgier exterior design, more safety features, and, of course, more power and better efficiency. If anything, it addresses most of the criticism at the Hilux for being under-equipped. With that in mind, you could even say the price adjustment is well justified.

Toyota Hilux Conquest 4x4 A/T: PhP 1,830,000

Toyota Hilux Conquest 4x4 M/T: PhP 1,755,000

Toyota Hilux Conquest 4x2 A/T: PhP 1,455,000

Toyota Hilux Conquest 4x2 M/T: PhP 1,380,000

Toyota Hilux 4x2 G 2.4L A/T: PhP 1,295,000

Toyota Hilux 4x2 G 2.4L M/T: PhP 1,220,000

Toyota Hilux 4x2 E 2.4L M/T: PhP 1,113,000

Toyota Hilux 4x4 J 2.4L M/T: PhP 1,148,000

Toyota Hilux 4x2 J 2.4L M/T: PhP 952,000

Toyota Hilux 4X2 FX 2.4L M/T (Dual A/C): PhP 1,057,000

Toyota 4x2 FX 2.4L M/T (Single A/C): PhP 1,029,000

Toyota Hilux 4x2 Cargo M/T: PhP 936,000

Toyota Hilux Cab & Chassis 843,000