Toyota's biggest launch this year (both literally and figuratively) will be the next-generation Land Cruiser. So far, we've already seen several spy shots of the vehicles with and without camouflage. That said, we have a good idea of what Toyota's upcoming flagship SUV will look like. With all the leaks, we're surprised at how quiet the Japanese automaker has been. Toyota hasn't made any announcement, released a trailer, or even disclosed a reveal date yet. Well, it seems we may not have to wait long.

According to a leaked document found by Car Advice on Instagram, the 300 Series Land Cruiser could be revealed by the end of May 2021. Assuming the document is real, then Toyota could reveal the next-generation SUV sometime next week. The secret document says “Due to Global Embargo, design images are not available until [the] end of May 2021.”

Will Toyota launch the next-gen Land Cruiser this May? image

Previously unknown details about the SUV were also revealed in the leaked document. It states that the next-generation Land Cruiser will supposedly feature an aluminum roof “to enhance fuel-efficiency through weight reduction”.

So far, we've learned through various leaks that there could be at least four different variants of the new Land Cruiser. The range-topping model will supposedly be a Gazoo Racing Sport (GR-S) variant built to go off-road. As far as engines go, the V8 (both gasoline and diesel) appears to have been dropped entirely. Instead, the engine options would be a hybrid V6 from the Lexus LS, the 1GR-FE from various Toyota SUVs, and a new turbo-diesel mill possibly in the form of a 3.3-liter V6.

If Toyota reveals the next-generation Land Cruiser later this May, the next question is when will it arrive in the Philippines? We're probably not the only ones excited for the 300 Series' arrival.