Volvo's first EV MPV is the EM90

For the longest time, Volvo has always been known for making the safest family cars out there. But despite producing vehicles for multiple occupants, there's one vehicle type they haven't made – a minivan.

That's about to change.

On November 12, Volvo is set to reveal its first-ever minivan called the EM90. It's going to be electric, and apparently, it's likely to share similar components with the Zeekr 009. Yes, it's the other way around now. Instead of Geely making a vehicle inspired by a Volvo, the Swedish brand will launch a vehicle that's based on a Geely.

Volvo released a teaser image of its electric minivan that promises to be “like a Scandinavian living room on the move.” The luxury box was shown having a large panoramic sunroof, Thor-hammer taillights as well as conjoined front and rear door handles, signifying the EM90 to have sliding rear doors.

As mentioned earlier, the EM90 could utilize the platform used by the Zeekr 009. After all, Volvo and Zeekr are owned by the Geely Group. Sharing parts between the two models makes sense in terms of saving production costs, much like how Toyota did it with the Alphard and the Lexus LM.

If we take a look at the Zeekr 009, it is underpinned by the Geely SEA EV platform. It packs a pair of two electric motors to make an all-wheel-drive configuration. The twin motor setup in the Zeekr 009 produces 544 PS, and if Volvo follows Zeekr's lead under the skin, then the EM90 has the makings of being a potent luxury MPV.

For now, the EM90 is confirmed to go on sale in China once it's launched on November 12, though availability could spread to other markets.