Possible Fast X cars leaked

The Fast and The Furious franchise has been a staple in everyone’s movie collection. Its cars have also become stars in their own right. Like the actors and actresses on the silver screen, these cars also are not spared when it comes to the paparazzi. 

The star cars of the upcoming Fast 10 were supposedly spotted at Los Angeles airport. And just like that, the internet car community is a buzz. 

The next two films - to be named Fast X Part One and Two - were already known to have the Dodge Charger Hellcat Wide Body, a Lamborghini Gallardo, and an Alfa Romeo 2000 GT. Of course, there will also be the 1970 Dodge Charger Hellraiser owned by Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel. 

Are there the next cars in Fast X? image

However, images have surfaced online of additional cars for the movie. A pair of Datsun 240 Zs complete with fender mirrors and a turbo peeking out of its hood was also shown. This is likely to be a hero car and will be used in the finale of the movie. There are 2 models shown so we know some stunt driving will be involved. 

Are there the next cars in Fast X? image

We also got to see an armored, nitrous-powered V8 rear-engined, six-wheel ramp car that will probably make its screen debut in the movie they’re currently shooting. This looks like it’s inspired by the Tyrrell P34 Formula One car of the 1970s. This is also reminiscent of the older ramp cars driven by one of the Shaw brothers in previous films.

Are there the next cars in Fast X? image

We also spotted a couple of Mercedes Benz models namely the AMG SL, a camouflaged C63, and some models from Volkswagen in the background. The cars were all photographed adjacent to the movie cars at LAX. We aren’t sure if they’re a part of the film or just happened to be there.

Are there the next cars in Fast X? image

Rounding out the cars pictured are a purple Chevy Impala and a doorless khaki Jeep Gladiator Rubicon which could probably belong to Ludacris’s character Tej. 

No official trailer has been posted yet for the movie but we have heard that Louis Leterrier will be replacing Justin Lin in the director’s chair.

Vin Diesel also hinted via social media that Paul Walker’s Brian O’ Connor might return.