Not stopping after being flagged down has higher penalties

Today marks the first day of implementation of Metro Manila Council’s Resolution 20-002, which prescribes stiffer penalties to those who violate or continue to violate the EDSA Bus Lane/Carousel policy.

Even before this new policy, we've seen on social media how a lot of motorists resist pulling over after being flagged down by traffic enforcers. While it's more difficult for cars or SUVs to outrun MMDA’s traffic enforcers by weaving in and out of vehicular traffic, there are still those who try their luck in evading the law. Well, now you might want to think twice about doing that.

‘Driving away’ from enforcers is automatic 3rd offense image

According to EDSA NTFSOU Commander, Col. Bong Nebrija, trying to run away from enforcers will automatically land you 3rd offense. That means paying a heftier PHP 20,000 fine, and getting your license suspended for a year by the LTO.

It doesn't even matter if it was your first time to be apprehended on the EDSA bus lane, either. “If you try to run, that’s automatic 3rd offense,” said Nebrija.

But wait, there's more. Since trying to avoid the penalty by not stopping at MMDA’s traffic enforcers can be dangerous not only to them but also to other road users, an additional Reckless Driving violation will be slapped on the erring motorist.

As of this writing, there are already more than a dozen drivers who were flagged down and were slapped with a PHP 5,000 bus lane violation penalty. That alone says a lot about how motorists greatly disregard traffic laws on our roads.