MMDA raises fine for Bus Lane violators

A few weeks ago, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced that, with the approval of the Metro Manila Council (MMC), which is composed of all the mayors of cities within Metro Manila, has increased the penalty for Bus Lane violators.

Today, the MMDA said that the new policy will become effective starting Monday next week, November 13, 2023.

Under the MMDA Regulation No. 23-002, approved by the MMC, the increased fines for the violation of exclusive city Bus Lane/EDSA Carousel Lane regulation for both public and private vehicles are:

First Offense – PHP 5,000

Second Offense – PHP 10,000 plus 1-month suspension of driver’s license, and required to undergo a road safety seminar

Third Offense – PHP 20,000 plus 1-year suspension of driver’s license

Fourth Offense – PHP 30,000 plus recommendation to Land Transportation Office for revocation of driver’s license

PHP 5K to 30K Bus Lane violation fine starts Nov 13, 2023 image

According to MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes, the agency has been receiving reports that some drivers evade apprehension by speeding off their vehicles when flagged down.

"These EDSA bus lane violators will be reported to the Land Transportation Office and penalties will be attached to the vehicle owners," said Artes. Earlier, Artes said that some rich individuals are blatantly violating the EDSA Bus Lane because they can afford the current PHP 1,000 penalty.

Artes pointed out that the increase in penalties for EDSA bus lane violators is for the safety of motorists and undisrupted travel of authorized city buses plying in the exclusive lane. Faster turnaround time of buses, carrying 50 to 60 passengers benefits lots of commuters.

The increased fines apply to both drivers of public and private vehicles who are not authorized to use the exclusive bus lane.