The reports are in, and combined, CAMPI (Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc.), TMA (Truck Manufacturers Association) and AVID (Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors) cumulatively sold 184,248* vehicles in 2012.

CAMPI, TMA: 156,649 units

CAMPI and TMA's sales report clocked in a total of 156,649 units in 2012, an 11% rise compared to 2011's 141,170 units.

Leading the way for CAMPI is Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (including Lexus) with 65,396 units sold in 2012, TMPC's highest annual sales figure yet.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation follows suit with 34,915 units, 31,701 units of which are commercial vehicles.

Honda Cars Philippines Incorporated has edged ahead of Isuzu Philippines Corporation (which experienced a 19.7% increase in sales) and Ford Motor Company Philippines (which still included Mazda in 2012), with HCPI selling 12,653 units in 2012.

A company that likewise experienced a significant rise in sales last year was Kia, distributed by Columbian Autocar Corporation, as 2012 saw a 57.4% increase with 7,527 units sold.

AVID: 28,400 units

The Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors sold a total of 28,400 units in 2012. What's unusual is the exclusion of luxury car distributor PGA Cars (Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini) from the sales numbers, but nevertheless, AVID's annual sales rose by 14% compared to 2011.

Leading the way for AVID is Hyundai Asia Resources Inc, followed by The Covenant Car Company Inc. (Chevrolet) and Motor Image Pilipinas (Subaru).


Toyota leads the entire industry with 65,396 units in 2012, with Mitsubishi in 2nd at 34,915 units, while Hyundai is 3rd with a total of 21,996.

Note: CATS Motors reports sales figures to both CAMPI and AVID. The company's annual total of 801 units was subtracted to prevent reflecting their sales twice. Also, the total sales of CAMPI and AVID also does not include PGA Cars nor any of the Chinese auto brands.