Toyota Malaysia to launch all-new Veloz with two-tone color options

If there's one thing that we wish automakers did more to their vehicles, it's to release more vibrant and bright colors. Sure, most car brands still offer hues like red or sometimes yellow. But more often than not, companies nowadays offer more neutral or earth-toned colors like white, silver, gray, black or dark shades of blue.

Over in Malaysia, however, Toyota is getting ready to launch the Veloz. While the Philippine market has already had it in its lineup since April, the Malaysian subsidiary has just opened bookings for the stylish crossover MPV. But what immediately caught our attention was the particular color the Veloz had.

Toyota Veloz in Blue Metallic for Malaysia makes us green with envy image

Finished in a bright shade of hue called Blue Metallic complete with a black roof, the two-tone finish makes us envious of the color choices the Malaysian market will have. In fact, this is one of two bi-tone color options that will be offered in Malaysia once the Veloz is officially revealed.

Over here in the Philippines, however, the Veloz is only available in Black Metallic, Dark Red Mica Metallic, Purplish Silver Mica Metallic, and Platinum White Pearl Mica which is an extra PHP 15,000 on top of the SRP.

Toyota Veloz in Blue Metallic for Malaysia makes us green with envy image

With other markets having the option of bright colors and a black roof option, it makes us wonder why Toyota didn't make it available here in the Philippines. The Raize for the Philippine market is already available with a two-tone paint finish and also comes from Indonesia, just like the Veloz.

Hopefully in the future Toyota actually brings in more color options for the Philippines. Heck, they could even offer them in special or limited edition variants just so they can be available here in our market. But for now, we can only wish that the Veloz can come in this bright shade of blue.