All-new Foton Wonder mini pickup available in EV and ICE forms

Earlier this week, Foton Motor Philippines Inc (FMPI) General Manager Levy Santos announced they will soon launch electric versions of the Harabas and Transvan.

This marks Foton PH's aspirations to bring more EVs into the country after unveiling the Tornado 3.6 EV this year. But could there be another vehicle Foton PH might bring to the country in the not-so-distant future?

Recently, executives of FMPI and United Asia Automotive Group Inc (UAAGI) went to China to witness the launch of an all-new vehicle. Say hello to the Foton Wonder, and it's set to arrive in the Philippines.

Coming soon to PH: Foton reveals Wonder mini pickup truck image

Revealed during the brand's global Brand Rejuvenation & All-new Products Launch event in Changsha, China, the Wonder is part of Foton's plan to launch New Energy Vehicles and attain carbon neutrality at its core factories by 2035.

According to Foton, the Wonder mini pickup truck will cater to lifestyle travel while still adhering to the commercial needs of businesses. It will be available in both single and dual-cab body styles and can come with either an internal combustion engine or a fully electric powertrain. It also has a quirky exterior design that Foton says was inspired by fashion aesthetics.

Coming soon to PH: Foton reveals Wonder mini pickup truck image

Regarding the electric powertrain, Foton says the EV version is capable of 48-minute charging and a range of 280 km. No exact output figures have been revealed yet for both the EV and ICE versions of the Foton Wonder. And despite its short size, it actually has a long wheelbase that measures 3,000mm which is comparable to midsize pickups.

Other details and features regarding the Foton Wonder remain a mystery. But with the Wonder all set to arrive in the Philippines, we might get to see it at next year's Foton Big Show along with the Harabas EV and Transvan EV.