Foton set to reveal Transvan EV and Harabas EV

Commercial vehicle specialist Foton may be known for diesel-powered heavy-duty trucks and workhorses. But earlier this year, Foton Motor Philippines Inc (FMPI) entered the EV market with the Tornado 3.6 EV.

On a full charge, the Tornado 3.6 EV can cover up to 208 km, put out between 80 to 154 PS peak boost, generate a peak torque of 300 Nm, and go as fast as 90 km/h. It can be fully recharged in just 2 hours with a fast DC charger while a portable AC wall outlet can recharge its battery in around 12 hours.

It may not be the quickest zero-emissions truck, but the Tornado 3.6 represents Foton’s EV aspirations in a big way. In the future, the heavy-duty truck will not be the only Foton in the country that runs on electricity instead of diesel power.

All-electric Foton Transvan, Harabas coming soon to PH image

FMPI General Manager Levy Santos recently announced that electric versions of the Transvan and Harabas are set to be revealed in China. No other details about the upcoming vehicles were revealed although both vehicles will be making their global debut soon. But when can we expect the Transvan EV and Harabas EV to make their way to the Philippines?

According to Santos, the electric versions of the passenger van and commercial vehicle will be coming to the Philippines and will be unveiled during next year’s Foton Big Show. No exact date or timeline was given but since this year’s Big Show happened in February, perhaps we can expect the Transvan EV and Harabas EV to debut in the country around Q1 2024.

With Foton looking to add more EVs to their lineup, we won’t be surprised if certain customers are already expressing interest in having a zero-emissions version of the Transvan or Harabas in the future.