Future Daimler vehicles will have Nokia tech

You may not be aware, but Daimler AG and Nokia weren't in the best of terms since last year. Yes, we're talking about the very same Nokia famed for building (indestructible) mobile phones. However, it seems the two companies have been able to settle the legal issues.

Daimler and Nokia recently published a press release stating that they have signed a patent licensing agreement, ending a long-running intellectual property dispute. But what were they arguing about in the first place? Well, most tech firms, including Nokia, want automakers to pay royalties for technologies used in navigation, infotainment systems, and vehicle communication tech for self-driving cars. However, Daimler and several automakers say their suppliers should instead effectively lower the fees for patent holders.

Unfortunately, things weren't going too well for Daimler last year. The automaker was sued by Nokia in several German courts for refusing to buy licenses for in-car technology. At one point, Nokia even had the power to stop the manufacturer from producing or selling vehicles equipped with technology relying on their patents. Fortunately, the automaker was able to avert the enforcement while appeals were pending.

With Daimler settling, it brings an end to all legal proceedings between the two parties. Unfortunately, the terms of the agreement will remain confidential between the two companies. The official joint statement says, “Under the agreement, Nokia licenses mobile telecommunications technology to Daimler and receives payment in return.”

“We welcome the settlement — from an economic point of view and because we avoid lengthy juridical disputes,” said Daimler in a separate statement. 

Now that the two companies have settled, expect Daimler's future vehicles to be loaded with the latest tech from Nokia.