Land Rover has been on the horn for the past couple of months talking about the latest generation Defender. Besides showing what it might eventually look like (since it's still draped in camouflage), the automaker also mentioned that it has done over 1.2 million kilometers of testing and development, as well as the fact that it will not be built in the UK.

But what we're really anticipating is how the next-generation Defender will eventually look. Well we won't have to wonder anymore as Lego appeared to have accidentally shown the all-new brick form that is.

A few days ago, it seems that someone from Lego got a little too excited sharing about their latest creation. Originally on display at Smyths Toys' online store (which has now been removed), the Defender looks as if it is based heavily on the next-gen model. Keen-eyed observers will notice immediately that it gets a different front fascia than the past models, along with some flared wheel arches.

Did Lego accidentally reveal the all-new Land Rover Defender? image

The front bumper and door designs appear to match as well, although we're not entirely sure if the power winch attached to the front will come in factory production models. And despite the Lego version being a 90 Series (Land Rover speak for three-door) we won't be surprised if Land Rover will still build a three-door version alongside the more practical 110 Series which they have been showing off for months.

The new Lego Technic set is rumored to go on sale some time in October 2019 and will apparently be comprised of 2,573 pieces. Aside from the previously mentioned winch attached at the front bumper, the new Lego-based Defender will also supposedly come with a four-speed sequential gearbox, three differentials, and independent suspension. As far as exterior dimensions are concerned, the brick Defender will measure 42cm long, 20cm wide, and 22cm tall.

With the global debut of the all-new Defender still about three months away (PH debut will be in Q1 of 2020), it'll be quite some time before we get to see it in the metal. Let's just be glad that we were able to get a good look at the new 4x4 in brick form. Fingers crossed it will be as cool-looking as the one made by Lego.

Source: The Brothers Brick