Ferrari to reveal first-ever SUV this year

Yes, it's true. It's damn true. A high-rider Prancing Horse is coming this year.

About a month ago, leaked photos of the rumored Ferrari Purosangue were shared via social media. At the time, Ferrari never spoke anything about the said leak. Fast forward to March, and the Prancing Horse has finally put an end to all the speculations by confirming that they have indeed made a high-performance SUV.

Ferrari Purosangue to take on Urus, DBX in 2022 image

Upon first glance, the gorgeous shade of Ferrari red exposes the aggressive character lines of the SUV. Furthermore, it echoes the design language of recent mid-engined Ferraris like the SF90, the 296 GTB, and even the Daytona SP3.

No further angles of the SUV were officially revealed by Ferrari. But if we were to follow the leaked photos from last month, the rear-end of the Purosangue features quad-taillamps at the top and quad-exhaust tips sticking out from diffuser-like body cladding on the rear bumper.

Ferrari Purosangue to take on Urus, DBX in 2022 image

Powertrain details for now still remain in question. The Purosangue's rivals, the Lamborghini Urus and the Aston Martin DBX, are running twin-turbo V8 engines. If Ferrari follows that trend, then we might see the Ferrari's SUV have the SF90's V8 hybrid powerplant, albeit slightly detuned. But of course, there's also a possibility that the Purosangue could have the 296 GTB's V6 twin-turbo or the iconic V12 from the 812 Superfast.

For now, that's all Ferrari is willing to share about the Purosangue. The Prancing Horse says we should stand by for a genuine game-changer. Well, there are only 9 months left on the calendar so let the waiting game begin.