DMC teases all-new electric luxury EV named 'EVolved'

Two years ago, the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC), which now owns the DeLorean brand, announced that it plans to produce “new” DMC-12 vehicles. We said “new” because the company plans to build them using new old stock and brand new parts.

While this is all well and good, the automotive scene is now shifting towards zero emissions. Seeing this trend, the automaker has decided they will be joining the electric vehicle (EV) market with an all-new model.

It’s called ‘EVolved”, and the DeLorean Motor Company has already released a teaser video on Twitter of the upcoming EV.

Described by DMC as a luxurious EV, the EVolved will have the signature gull-wing doors, an illuminated grille emblem, as well as what appears to be a more sculpted hood. The silhouette also showed what looks like the distinct stainless steel finish that was made famous by the original DMC-12.

Great Scott! DeLorean teases new electric car concept image

Other details regarding the EV are still a mystery. However, the upcoming EVolved could be a collaboration between DMC and Italdesign. That’s because the Italian design firm partnered up with Williams Engineering to make the EVX electric car platform back in 2017. In addition, Italdesign also released its own teaser of a modern-day DeLorean last year 

With the capability to house four electric motors and a large capacity battery, the modular platform has the makings for an electric supercar. It’s reported that the EVX platform can provide a power output of 1,360 PS, along with a maximum range of 1,000 km. Combine this with the EVolved, and DMC’s upcoming EV could put other supercars to shame.

DMC has yet to share a launch date. But the company did say that it’s to premiere sometime in 2022. With that, we can expect its official reveal in the coming months.

Will the EVolved be a futuristic version of the DMC-12, or will it actually look different than the original that became famous in Back To The Future? Let us know in the comments.