Ram 1500 EV to enter production in 2024

Last month, Ram confirmed that its electric pickup truck will arrive in 2024. At the time, the automaker didn’t reveal much about the vehicle apart from a vague teaser image. However, the company did launch a new website that allows customers to receive updates and even give feedback.

To give customers a better idea of what the Ram EV will look like, the automaker released new teaser images of the vehicle. The new photos reveal a truck that will look very different from the model we know today. It’s not even the same as the previous image shown by the automaker.

Most of the details are still hidden, but the teaser shows the front and rear lighting signatures of the Ram EV. At the front, the LED daytime running lights are split into two, forming an X-shape design. At the center of the grille, there’s an illuminated RAM logo. The rear end shows a somewhat similar design. However, the thin LED taillights form an inverted L flanking another illuminated RAM badge.


Though it’s harder to make out, the truck will have chunky fenders and a bulge on the hood. The rear of the cab also appears to be raked, unlike traditional pickup trucks. So far, it looks a lot more aggressive in comparison to the current Ram 1500. However, that could still change once the production model is revealed. So far, it looks different from the usual truck design of the F-150 Lightning and the Silverado EV.

Details regarding the electric pickup truck’s powertrain are still are a mystery for now. However, expect it to be underpinned by Stellantis’ STLA platform. This will be the same platform used by the company’s other EVs.

With an all-new design, can the Ram 1500 EV compete against other electric pickups which will debut earlier? The Ford F-150 Lightning will go on sale later this year, while the Chevrolet Silverado EV and Tesla Cybertruck are slated to arrive in 2023. There’s also the Hummer EV and the Rivian R1T.