80 units expected for second batch of Civic Type R

If you’re a Honda Civic fan and have about PHP 4 million extra, then there’s a good chance you probably inquired at your nearest dealership when the Civic Type R (the FL5) was launched. Actually, if you were really interested, then most likely you had already inquired even before any such official local announcement.

The problem, however, was that Honda Cars Philippines was only bringing in a very limited number. Only 40 units of the Type R based on the eleventh generation Honda Civic arrived for the first batch; 39 were sold to customers, while 1 was retained by Honda as a demonstrator car.

Market demand is very strong for such a model. Just like with the Land Cruiser 300, there are resellers that are asking for a very pretty premium for the Type R. If you look at the classifieds (or online postings) there are several that have an asking price tag of around PHP 5.5 million. That’s a huge jump from the retail price which was already at PHP 3,880,000. Don't forget that some dealers had asked for some add-ons for allocation like long terms and high insurance premiums. 

Honda PH prepping bigger batch of 2023 Civic Type R FL5 image

So if you really want it now, then you’ll have to cough up quite a bit for the “FL5 Tax”. Or you can wait for the next batch.

When we spoke to Honda Cars Philippines president Masahiko Nakamura, they are readying a second batch of Civic Type R units for the market. And this batch of units will be bigger: around 80 units according to Nakamura.

As to the timing, Nakamura didn’t give any specifics though we were told the next batch will arrive sometime this year. Even when we compare it to the rollout of the previous generation FK8, the way the FL5 is being done is even more limited. With the FK8, the first batch was 100, followed by another 100 or so. For the FL5 it’s 40 and then 80. The only real explanation is the chip/parts shortage happening now.

Nakamura didn’t mention if there are any new colors being offered to customers, though we doubt that. The engine, transmission, and feature list will be the same. There is one exception though as there will be one difference in spec compared to the initial batch of units: Honda is removing the blind spot warning system.

The reason given is that there is a shortage of that specific part, and Honda decided to continue assembly without it rather than suspend production. We don’t think Honda Civic Type R customers will lament the loss of blind spot warning though.