Hyundai is setting their crosshairs towards Toyota's best selling hybrid, the Prius, with the Ioniq hybrid. Set to debut in January 2016, Hyundai says the Ioniq will the the world's first car to offer three kinds of hybrid and electric powertrains in a single body type.

With its impending arrival, Hyundai has also released a teaser image for their first compact hybrid. Seen in the teaser the car's silhouette, highlighting the roofline, character lines and a dimly lit section of the quarter panel. From the looks of it, the Ioniq has gone for the traditional hybrid styling route with a low front end and a raised rear deck for aerodynamic efficiency.

“Hyundai Motor has a heritage of building innovative, fuel-efficient vehicles, so we are proud to advance our eco-friendly car line-up with the introduction of IONIQ. Our vision for future mobility focuses on choice, with a variety of powertrain options to suit customers’ varied lifestyles, without compromising on design or driving enjoyment. IONIQ embodies Hyundai Motor’s vision to shift the automotive paradigm and future mobility; IONIQ is the fruit of our efforts to become the leader in the global green car market.” said Woong-Chul Yang, Head of Hyundai Motor R&D Center. With the three available powertrain options, Hyundai says the Ioniq, “ responds to rapidly changing customer lifestyles by breaking the mold for hybrid vehicles.”

As previously mentioned, the Ioniq is available with three powertrains which includes a full electric model (EV), a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and the standard hybrid. Hyundai did not go into full detail with the said powerplants just yet. However, Hyundai did mention that the EV model will be powered by a a high capacity lithium ion battery.