The idea of automakers venturing into the world of aviation isn't an entirely new thing. Honda, for instance, has their HondaJet. There are even automakers who made strides in aviation first before automobiles, with BMW being a prime example. Now, there's another manufacturer who wants to make their mark in the skies.

That company is Hyundai, and they are very serious about it. The South Korean conglomerate recently announced the establishment of their Air Mobility Division, and they even hired a NASA aeronautics veteran to lead it.

So why is Hyundai taking it to the skies?

According to them, roads are getting more and more congested and they believe that air mobility could be a solution to that. For that, Hyundai will be building an aircraft from the ground up, hence the hiring of Dr. Jaiwon Shin who worked research and development at NASA for 30 years. For this project, Hyundai is planning to develop their own engine and airframe with the expertise of Shin, along with aviation safety systems and air traffic management technologies.

It's not just going to be a private jet like what Honda did. Hyundai is envisioning air transport for the masses. The company didn't mention any specifics, but the word 'mobility' hints something like carpooling service, albeit in the air.

With that, Hyundai has presented an unorthodox solution to road traffic, as well as ride sharing solutions. If all goes to plan, maybe we'll see more of these flying Hyundais within out lifetimes.