Let' face it, the Suzuki Jimny isn't exactly the most practical SUV out there. With its three doors and sub-four meter length, you won't be able to fit in a lot of people or cargo in it. Yes, it's a capable off-roader, but if you're planning to bring along a lot of friends, the Jimny isn't the best option.

But there is a rumor floating around that there will be a five-door version coming in a few years. According to the auto website GaadiWaadi, it's already being considered by Maruti Suzuki, the Japanese automaker's Indian arm. The report says the five-door Jimny's estimated launch year is the first half of 2023.

Meanwhile, another website claims that the five-door Jimny will not be exclusive to the Indian market. Autocar India also reports that it will be exported to different countries. However, there was no mention where it will be exported or the countries that will get it. The only thing these two websites say is that it will be made in India.

If this is true, there is one question that some may be asking. Why will it take three more years for the stretched Jimny to arrive? There is no definite answer to that, but Suzuki may be finding a way to build this model while retaining its off-road ability. Looking at Suzuki's current line-up, there is no small SUV in their range that can share parts with it. That means Suzuki has to modify the chassis, which takes time to develop. Besides, you wouldn't want a rushed product that was made by cutting a few corners.

Of course, the only way to verify these reports is if spy shots start surfacing online. In the meantime, we'll be waiting for those photos in the coming months. Who knows, maybe Suzuki already has a test mule hidden in plain sight right now.

Source: Autocar India, GaadiWaadi